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My name is Ronald Chaz Vilbar and I am a professional portrait photographer based in Columbus Ohio! Capturing moments is a passion of mine, and I love expressing my creativity through the lens of the camera. I believe that memorable moments should be captured and be put in a big frame!

I analyze every image. I think about how the light will fall, how the lens will look, how the model will pose, and how the editing process will be done. This is how the image becomes a creative art piece.

Are you ready to Capture Your Moment?

Full Name: Ronald Chaz P. Vilbar

Most people Call me "Chaz" ​

Born in The Philippines


Camera: Nikon Z6ii Full Frame Mirrorless​

Best Niche: Outdoor Sunset Portraits

Favorite Color: Green ​

Favorite Food: Sushi ​

Favorite Drink: Coffee ​

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